Trevor Jones, illustrated by Ming Hai

The incredible true story of a family that volunteered its beloved pet dog, Major, to serve in the United States Military during World War II. Published in partnership with History Nebraska.

Six Foot Press
Pub date: 7/8/2019

40 pages
Full-color illustrations throughout
B&W photos in back
Ages 4 to 8
11.5 x 9” (HxW)


During World War II, the U.S. Military established the Fort Robinson War Dogs Training Center in western Nebraska, training over 17,000 “dogs for defense” and deploying them to battlefields and installations all over the world. At the beginning of the program, without a ready supply of dogs to train, the U.S. government asked civilians throughout the region to volunteer their dogs for service. Thousands answered the call, and their pets served our country courageously as guards, scouts, messengers, sled runners, and more. Told from the point of view of Major, a border collie based on a real dog from North Dakota, Major: A Soldier Dogtells the incredible story of the War Dog program through his eyes, following him through the heartbreaking separation from his family, the training at Fort Robinson, his harrowing war service in Italy, his return home for detraining and discharge, and finally the tearful reunion with his family.

Trevor Jones is Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Nebraska State Historical Society. He is the creator of the award winning Civil War exhibit and YA graphic novel Torn Within and Threatened Without. He has written numerous articles on American history and is one of the authors of the book Active Collections.

Ming Hai is a fine artist and illustrator who works in a variety of mediums. Originally from the east coast of the United States, she now lives in Texas, where she draws, meditates, and enjoys scalding beverages.

History Nebraska was founded in 1878 as the Nebraska State Historical Society by citizens who recognized Nebraska was going through great changes. History Nebraska collects, preserves, and opens to all, the histories we share.