Coert Voorhees

Grammaropolis: Meet the Parts of Speech is an eight-book series starring the eight parts of speech, who are personified based on the roles they play in the sentence. From the shady pronoun always trying to take the noun’s place to the motherly conjunction who just wants everyone to get along, the Meet the Parts of Speech series uses the mechanics of character and story (plot, motivation, setting, etc.) to breathe life into what has traditionally been unengaging subject matter. School Library Journal raves: “Learning grammar has never been more fun!”

Six Foot Press
Pub date: 4/24/2019
$6.99 each book

32 pages
32 full-color images
8×8” (HxW)

About Grammaropolis

Hailed as “the Schoolhouse Rock for the 21st Century,” Grammaropolis uses personified parts of speech and punctuation marks along with traditional instruction and assessment to revolutionize the way students learn about grammar and writing. From the shady pronoun to the bossy adverb, and with the help of no-drama Chief Comma, tender-hearted Officer Period, and the rest of the Punctuation Department, Grammaropolis achieves the seemingly impossible: we make learning grammar fun!

Nelson the Noun

Nelson takes a break from his stressful day job, leaving the Noun Office in the hands of Roger the Pronoun. After discovering that vacation isn’t what he’d hoped it would be, Nelson returns just in time to fix the confusion Roger has caused in his absence.

Vinny the Action Verb & Lucy the Linking Verb

Vinny and Lucy approach life differently. He’s all action, while she’s content to sit back and be. With their friend Jake the Adjective in trouble, however, the two verbs must put aside their differences and work together to save the day.

Jake the Adjective

When Jake’s nemesis pulls a prank and turns Grammaropolis into a grey, misshapen, tasteless town, Jake is forced to run around restoring everything—the colors, shapes, sizes, tastes, and more—to the way it was all meant to be.

Benny the Adverb

When his prized rock collection is stolen from the bank, Benny opens an investigation into how and when the theft took place and where the thief might have gone.

Roger the Pronoun

Feeling that he’s destined for more than just renaming nouns, Roger opens up his own store next to Nelson’s Nouns. But when Nelson goes missing, Roger realizes that for life to mean anything at all, every pronoun has to have an antecedent.

Connie the Conjunction

Nobody in all of Grammaropolis has more style than Connie; she simply knows how to put things together. After a bump on the head makes her give bad advice, she uses all the conjunctions at her disposal to set everything right again.

Li’l Pete the Preposition

When launching his model rocket in the park, Li’l Pete gets excited and forgets to add objects to his prepositional phrases. Without objects, the prepositions become adverbs, and chaos ensues as the rockets fly up, by, and around with no direction at all.

Izzy the Interjection

No matter whether the emotion is strong or mild, positive, negative, or somewhere in between, Izzy lives to express it. Loneliness can be a problem sometimes because she’s not grammatically connected to the other words in the sentence, but when the time comes, she leaps at the chance to express her strongest emotion yet.

Coert Voorhees is a former writing and grammar teacher who spent years in the classroom sharing his passion for language with often skeptical middle school students. Grammaropolis is based on his most successful lesson plans. With its award-winning website, mobile apps, and music videos, Grammaropolis has revolutionized the way millions of students in thousands of schools around the world learn about grammar and writing. Coert is the author of On the Free (2017), In Too Deep (2013 Junior Library Guild Selection), Lucky Fools (2012 Junior Library Guild Selection), The Brothers Torres (2009 ALA Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults), and Storm Wrangler (2011). He has been a Fulbright scholar in Chile and Visiting Writer in Residence at Rice University, and he now lives with his family in Houston, Texas. Visit Coert’s website at www.coertvoorhees.com.